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Introducing Dark Code: The Hard Techno Sensation Taking the Scene by Storm

We are thrilled to introduce Dark Code, the latest powerhouse addition to our record label. This dynamic Hard Techno band is a collaboration between two phenomenal artists: Sami Haapajoki (a.k.a. Sasha F) and Teemu Murtonen. Together, they are redefining the boundaries of electronic music with their electrifying sound and relentless energy.

Meet the Artists Behind Dark Code

Sami Haapajoki (Sasha F)

Sami Haapajoki, known in the music world as Sasha F, is no stranger to the limelight. With a career spanning over a decade, Sasha F has made a significant mark in the Hardstyle and Gabber music scenes. His tracks have garnered millions of streams on Spotify, captivating audiences worldwide with their intense beats and compelling rhythms. Sasha F’s expertise in crafting high-energy tracks is the driving force behind Dark Code’s hard-hitting sound.

Check out Sasha F’s music on Spotify to experience his mastery of Hardstyle and Gabber music.

Teemu Murtonen

Teemu Murtonen, the other half of Dark Code, brings a unique and innovative approach to Hard Techno. Known for his exceptional production skills and creative vision, Teemu adds a distinctive edge to the duo’s music. His ability to seamlessly blend intricate soundscapes with powerful beats makes Dark Code’s tracks truly unforgettable.

The Sound of Dark Code

Dark Code is all about pushing the limits of Hard Techno. Their music is characterized by heavy basslines, pounding kick drums, and mesmerizing melodies that take listeners on an exhilarating journey. Each track is a testament to their commitment to delivering high-octane performances and unforgettable experiences.

Their debut releases have already started making waves in the Hard Techno community, and there’s much more to come. Dark Code’s sound is a fusion of Sasha F’s hard-hitting Hardstyle influence and Teemu Murtonen’s innovative techno prowess, resulting in a fresh and explosive sonic experience.

What’s Next for Dark Code

As Dark Code continues to rise, fans can look forward to a series of groundbreaking releases and electrifying live performances. The duo is dedicated to evolving their sound and pushing the boundaries of Hard Techno, ensuring that each new track is more thrilling than the last.

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Join the Dark Code Movement

Dark Code is not just a band; it’s a movement. Their music is a call to all Hard Techno enthusiasts to join them on a sonic adventure like no other. With their innovative sound and relentless energy, Dark Code is set to become a force to be reckoned with in the electronic music scene.

Don’t miss out on the latest from Dark Code. Follow them on Spotify, and keep an eye on our blog for exclusive updates and behind-the-scenes content.

Welcome to the Dark Code era – where the beats are harder, the bass is deeper, and the energy is unstoppable.



Fantastic ! Listening and love it ! Full Support !

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