Event Video Recording and Editing Services

Welcome to the world of top-notch video capturing and editing solutions! I want to introduce you to an incredibly powerful and versatile video capturing and editing package that provides you with everything you need to create high-quality and impactful videos. This package is designed especially for professionals and enthusiasts who want to take their video capturing and editing skills to a whole new level.

At the heart of this ensemble stands the powerful Canon XA60 4K video camera. This camera not only records incredibly high-definition 4K video but also captures colors and details with sophistication, creating vivid and impressive images. The included 64 GB memory card gives you ample storage space, allowing you to focus on your filming.

The Atomos Ninja V is the centerpiece of your video capturing and editing process. This powerful recorder and monitor give you the opportunity to monitor the image in real-time, ensuring you achieve the desired visual style. Atomos Connect and AtomX CAST expand connectivity options, enabling you to seamlessly connect devices and make the most of their features.

The Manfrotto camera tripod and video head provide a stable and precise platform for your filming. You can easily adjust the height and angle to get the perfect shot for every take. This gives you the freedom to film in a variety of environments.

Tether Tools cables enable smooth data transfer and accurate monitoring. You can easily connect devices and ensure every detail is under your control. The Angelbird 512 GB SSD drive for the Ninja V provides ample storage space, allowing you to record large amounts of high-quality material.

Top-notch audio quality is guaranteed with the RODE NTG4+ shotgun microphone and RODE SM5 microphone shock mount. Audio recording is crystal-clear and dynamic, allowing you to create an impressive audio atmosphere for your videos.

All of these high-quality devices and accessories conveniently fit into the Manfrotto camera bag, keeping them safe and organized wherever you go.

And of course, for the editing of all this material, we use powerful tools like DaVinci Resolve 18 and Adobe Premiere Pro CC. With these software, we can edit, cut, and add effects to our videos professionally and effortlessly.

This package is the perfect choice for anyone looking to produce striking and impressive video content. Don’t wait any longer – seize the opportunity and elevate your video capturing and editing skills to a new level with this incredible equipment package!

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